The Versatility of Abstract Commissions In Interiors
Jun 04, 2023
As an abstract artist, one of the most exciting aspects of my work is the...
February Floral Challenge 2023
Feb 19, 2023
Capturing the essence of a bunch of flowers through impressionist-style brushstrokes, playful colour combinations and experimental marks has been key to this challenge and has hugely influenced the outcome of the floral abstract paintings so far!
Studio Journal: January 2023
Jan 29, 2023
Whether you're jumping for joy at the thought of February or you're just happy to have gotten through the dullest month of the year, here's a welcome pop of colour!
Creating The Dreamer Collection
Jul 07, 2022
ream about being on holiday, dream about the sun, the sea, the sand between your toes, exotic sunsets, unfamiliar architecture and spontaneous adventures. 
Inspirational Female Artists
Jul 04, 2022
As a female abstract artist, I have been inspired and motivated by many talented creatives over the years. From painters, musicians and writers to fearless entrepreneurs, these women continuously challenge me to push myself as I go through my art journey.
Speaking With Hues: A Colourist's Approach To Abstract Painting
Feb 28, 2022
In a prehistoric sense, red was the colour of blood, fire and raw meat; therefore acting as a warning of immediate danger. It's no surprise that the colour is now synonymous with violence, passion and anger. However, when referring to colour meaning it's so important to bring context into the mix! 
Sense Of Wonder | Solo Art Exhibition By Jessica Slack
Oct 24, 2021
In August, contemporary abstract artist Jessica Slack hosted her second solo art exhibition titled 'Sense of Wonder.' 
Creating Joyful Abstract Floral Murals For Liverpool ONE
Aug 28, 2021
Step into my world of colour and creativity as I share the exhilarating journey of...
Liverpool Without Walls: Abstract Mural Commission
Feb 06, 2021
I am so excited to share with you all a recent commission that holds a special...
Vibrant Winter Wonderland: Abstract Murals Transform Liverpool ONE
Jan 01, 2021
Inspired by the crisp beauty of frost-kissed mornings and the quiet majesty of winter blooms, this is the story behind my abstract winter murals that bring warmth and wonder to the bustling streets of Liverpool ONE.