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Art For Interior Designers

Art For Residential Projects

Elevate interior design projects with exquisite abstract commission paintings, original pieces and fine art giclée prints. Whether you're looking for a striking centrepiece for a contemporary living room or a serene backdrop for a tranquil bedroom retreat, abstract paintings offer superior versatility to capture your unique vision.

If you're looking for something bespoke, abstract commission paintings are tailored to fit your unique colour scheme, interior moodboard and vision. Working closely with you to understand your vision and preferences is key to ensuring that each piece seamlessly integrates into your interior design, elevating it to new heights of sophistication and elegance.

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Art For Retail Spaces

Make a statement in retail environments with captivating high-end abstract paintings. From boutique shops to flagship stores, abstract art pieces add a touch of sophistication and allure to retail interiors.

Creating immersive experiences is paramount to engaging customers and fostering brand loyalty. Whether designing a fashion boutique or luxury showroom, bespoke abstract paintings can enhance visual appeal and create unforgettable shopping experiences for discerning clientele.

By integrating art seamlessly into retail spaces, you not only elevate the ambiance but also stimulate the senses, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and encouraging repeat visits.

Art For Commercial Interiors

Elevate the appearance and feel of corporate offices, hotels, restaurants and show homes with luxury abstract art. Whether designing a hotel lobby, spa reception, boardroom or restaurant, high-end abstract paintings serve as captivating focal points and capture brand identity.

With expertise in creating bespoke pieces tailored to commercial spaces, Jessica's work can make a bold statement that leaves a lasting impression on visitors and guests.


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