abstract colourful mural on wall in liverpool
Feb 25, 2024
Exterior murals, particularly abstract pieces, can play a crucial role in transforming urban landscapes. By repurposing neglected or uninspiring areas, artists can inject life and character into the cityscape. 
The Impact of Abstract Art in Commercial Spaces: Commissioning Murals for Businesses
Feb 07, 2024
Just like in our homes, the ambiance of a commercial setting plays a crucial role in productivity and overall well-being. And what better way to invigorate your workspace than with a bespoke mural that speaks volumes about your brand's identity and values?
Injecting Colour & Positivity in Liverpool City Centre
Feb 01, 2024
As Liverpool emerged from the shadows of the pandemic, I was honoured have the opportunity to hand-paint a huge abstract mural in Liverpool City Centre. I wanted the artwork to be a beacon of hope and creativity after such an isolating and difficult time for many.
TAG Heuer X Porsche: Abstract Commission Painting
Jan 31, 2024
I'm absolutely thrilled to share with you all the exciting collaboration I recently had the privilege of being a part of: a collaboration between Jessica Slack Studio, Tag Heuer and Porsche! 
Abstract Floral Painting Workshop at Wolf & Badger, London
Sep 17, 2023
At the core of the workshop was a celebration of expressive, intuitive painting; A technique that's been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.
Abstract Art and the Natural World: How I Draw Inspiration from Nature
Sep 01, 2023
As an artist, I've always been drawn to the natural world. The way that colours, textures, and shapes blend together in the great outdoors has always captivated me.
The Versatility of Abstract Commissions In Interiors
Jun 04, 2023
As an abstract artist, one of the most exciting aspects of my work is the...
February Floral Challenge 2023
Feb 19, 2023
Capturing the essence of a bunch of flowers through impressionist-style brushstrokes, playful colour combinations and experimental marks has been key to this challenge and has hugely influenced the outcome of the floral abstract paintings so far!
Studio Journal: January 2023
Jan 29, 2023
Whether you're jumping for joy at the thought of February or you're just happy to have gotten through the dullest month of the year, here's a welcome pop of colour!
Creating The Dreamer Collection
Jul 07, 2022
ream about being on holiday, dream about the sun, the sea, the sand between your toes, exotic sunsets, unfamiliar architecture and spontaneous adventures.