colourful teal, pink and navy abstract painting in modern, sophisticated, high-end kitchen with marble accents

Why Bespoke Art is the Best Choice for Client Spaces

Jun 25, 2024Jessica Slack

When it comes to interior design, the finishing touches can make all the difference. Bespoke art in particular, offers an unparalleled opportunity to infuse a space with personality, sophistication and a unique charm. Here’s why choosing bespoke art commissions is the best choice for elevating your client spaces!

Personalisation and Exclusivity

Bespoke paintings provide a level of personalisation that off-the-shelf pieces simply cannot match. As a contemporary British abstract artist, I draw inspiration from the simple yet profound beauty of colour and nature. Each commissioned piece is tailored to reflect your client’s unique style, colour palette and aesthetic preferences. This ensures that the artwork resonates deeply with your overall design scheme, creating a harmonious and exclusive ambiance.


Capturing Your Vision

Working directly with an artist allows for a collaborative process that truly brings your vision to life; From the initial consultation to the final brushstroke, clear communication and shared inspiration are key. By conveying your ideas, preferred style, and specific requirements, I can create a piece that perfectly complements the space. This collaborative effort results in a truly bespoke artwork that embodies your client’s personality and enhances your interior design.

Supporting Local Artists

Choosing bespoke art is also a wonderful way to support local artists and their craft. My work, for example, is driven by a fascination with the emotional power of colours and the beauty of nature. Each piece is created with the intention of spreading joy and positivity, transforming everyday spaces into vibrant sanctuaries. By commissioning custom artwork, you are not only adding a unique touch to your project but also contributing to the thriving artistic community.


green interior featuring abstract floral prints above olive green sofa

Adding Sophistication and Playfulness

Bespoke art can add both sophistication and playfulness to a space. My abstract paintings are designed to bring joy and vibrancy to homes, capturing the essence of joy, wonder, and freedom through bold colours and rich textures. Incorporating bespoke artwork allows for the inclusion of colourful elements and unexpected details, creating focal points that spark conversation and add personality to interior designs. Design should be a delightful experience, and commissioned paintings make this possible.

Creating a Unique Focal Point

One of the standout benefits of bespoke art is its ability to create a unique focal point within a space. Whether it’s a large statement piece or a series of smaller works, custom art draws the eye and anchors the room. It serves as a visual centrepiece that ties together various design elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic and creating a cohesive look.


colourful blue and pink abstract canvas painting in sophisticated art deco interior


In the world of interior design, bespoke art offers an unmatched level of personalisation, exclusivity, and charm. By collaborating with a professional artist, you can create unique pieces that perfectly align with your client’s vision and elevate their spaces to new heights.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have something truly extraordinary? Embrace the beauty and individuality of bespoke art, and transform your client spaces into masterpieces of design and inspiration. Get in touch to start the commission process, right away! 

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