The Versatility of Abstract Commissions In Interiors

The Versatility of Abstract Commissions In Interiors

Jun 04, 2023Jessica Slack

As an abstract artist, one of the most exciting aspects of my work is the opportunity to create commissions that seamlessly integrate with various interior spaces.

Each commission painting presents a unique challenge and a chance to explore the versatility of abstract art in transforming and enhancing different environments. From sleek, modern apartments to cosy, eclectic homes, abstract art has the power to breathe life into any space, infusing it with personality, vibrancy, and style. I love having the opportunity to adapt my artistic vision to suit the needs and aesthetics of different interiors.

One of the key elements of abstract commissions is their ability to serve as a focal point, anchoring the room and drawing the eye. Whether it's a bold, oversized canvas commanding attention in a minimalist living room or a series of smaller pieces creating visual interest in a gallery wall, abstract art has a remarkable ability to captivate and engage.

abstract blue painting in art deco interior

But perhaps what I love most about abstract commissions is their inherent versatility. Abstract art transcends boundaries of style, colour, and form, allowing for endless possibilities and interpretations. Whether it's a vibrant, energetic piece adding a pop of colour to a neutral space or a subtle, contemplative composition creating a sense of tranquility in a bustling environment, abstract art has the power to adapt and evolve with its surroundings.

abstract painting in commercial reception

In my own practice, I've had the pleasure of working on a wide range of abstract commissions, each with its own unique set of challenges and opportunities; From corporate offices seeking to foster creativity and innovation to retail stores aiming to create memorable experiences for their guests and cosy homes in need of something special, abstract art has the ability to elevate and transform any space.

But perhaps the most rewarding aspect of creating abstract commissions is the opportunity to collaborate with clients and bring their vision to life. Each commission is a collaborative journey, guided by the client's tastes, preferences, and vision for their space. By listening closely to their needs and incorporating their input into my artistic process, I'm able to create paintings that not only complement the space but also resonates deeply with them. With its endless possibilities and inherent flexibility, abstract art truly is the perfect addition to any interior!

If you're interested in commissioning a bespoke abstract piece for your space, I'd love to hear from you! Let's collaborate to create something truly special that reflects your unique style and personality.

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