February Floral Challenge 2023

February Floral Challenge 2023

Feb 19, 2023Jessica Slack

Those of you who follow me on Instagram and Facebook will know that I'm currently taking part in the 28 Day February Floral Challenge!

Since Wednesday 1st February I've been creating a floral-inspired abstract painting on paper that will form the foundation of my next canvas collection. I've absolutely loved getting back to basics and simply experimenting with different mark-making techniques, media and colour palettes to create these unique pieces of art!

My inspiration has mostly come from fresh flowers and colourful buds but I've also been feeling very inspired by walking in nature, strolling along the beach and getting lost in woodlands where the ground is covered in leaves, twigs and branches of various colours and textures.

artist studio with paintings on the floor

No matter how hard I try to paint in a realistic style, I can't help but veer towards an abstract style. I think it's partly because this style is familiar to me, but more so because I find emotions and feelings much more important to depict than an object or scene itself.

Painting in an expressive, emotive and fluid style is liberating. Capturing the essence of a bunch of flowers through impressionist-style brushstrokes, playful colour combinations and experimental marks has been key to this challenge and has hugely influenced the outcome of the floral abstract paintings so far!

abstract floral painting in art studio

Swathes of green-gold and cobalt blue dappled with emerald greens, marshmallow pinks and subtle hints of ochre capture the feeling of spring in the piece above. This expressive and loose style of mark making is definitely going to inspire the next canvas collection and I can't wait to see where the next series of paintings takes me!

Every piece of artwork from the 28 day February floral challenge will be available to purchase from my website on Friday 3rd March. As always, newsletter subscribers will get priority access to the new paintings so if you've seen one you love, be sure to sign up for a chance to hang it in your home forevermore!

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