Abstract Art and the Natural World: How I Draw Inspiration from Nature

Abstract Art and the Natural World: How I Draw Inspiration from Nature

Sep 01, 2023Jessica Slack

As an artist, I've always been drawn to the natural world. The way that colours, textures, and shapes blend together in the great outdoors has always captivated me; From the beautiful colours within a sunset to patterns in leaves and flowers, nature provides endless inspiration.

As I've grown as an artist, I've found that finding magic in the everyday simplicities of life is the ultimate key to feeling energised and inspired by the world around me. By discovering beauty in unexpected places, I continuously feel like i'm seeing the world in a new light which perpetuates my gratitude for the endless wonders and beauty that nature has to offer!

There's something about the way that nature is both chaotic and harmonious at the same time that never fails to inspire me. The way that everything is connected, yet nothing is the same. The way that colours can be bold and vibrant one moment, and soft and subtle the next. These unique contradictions make nature such a rich ground for artistic exploration.

 For me, creating art is not simply about recreating nature in a representation way, but capturing its essence in a way that is unique and personal to me. Whether it's the organic shapes of shells on the beach or the plethora of colours and textures found in a wildflower meadow, I love to take the essence of nature and the feelings it evokes and infuse this emotion and visual beauty into my work. Sometimes there is an obvious connection to nature within my finished paintings but sometimes, they can be much more abstracted and outlandish.

Usually when faced with a blank canvas, I let my intuition guide my brushstrokes and colour choices, allowing colours and shapes to flow naturally. Other times, I like to study a particular aspect of nature in detail, often this is the patterns hidden in leaves and petals or colour studies from sun-filled skies, whatever the inspiration, these studies then act as a starting point for future canvas pieces.

Whilst inspiration can come from many sources beyond nature, there's something so special about the way that the natural world can spark the imagination and ignite the creative process - and I don't think i'll ever tire of the beauty found in nature!

What I'm trying to say is next time you're outdoors, I encourage you to take a moment to really observe the world around you. Notice the colours, textures and shapes, take it all in and see if you can find that same sense of energy and inspiration that I do! I think you might be surprised by the abundance of beauty you can find!

If you'd like to view my abstract artwork inspired by nature, be sure to check out my new releases.

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