Abstract Floral Painting Workshop at Wolf & Badger, London

Abstract Floral Painting Workshop at Wolf & Badger, London

Sep 17, 2023Jessica Slack

Nestled in the lively hubbub of London's Coal Drops Yard, I recently had a blast hosting an abstract floral workshop at Wolf & Badger! It was more than just a workshop, it was a delightful, immersive journey where everyone could explore their creativity freely, without any pressure.

At the core of the workshop was a celebration of expressive, intuitive painting; A technique that's been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. We aimed to break away from the rules of traditional floral painting and dive deep into our imaginations.

abstract floral painting workshop

We experimented with expressive brushstrokes, encouraged each other to let loose and paint without overthinking. The workshop was hands-on, allowing each participant to create something unique and a true reflection of themselves. It was amazing to see the room come alive with so many different interpretations!

We had a beautiful array of flowers and foliage from Edie Rose, offering a variety of colours and textures to inspire us. What's great about abstract floral art is that there are no limits and every painting tells its own story, no two pieces are alike.

abstract floral workshop creating a moodboard

Throughout the workshop, we talked about how nature serves as endless inspiration with its ever-changing seasons and vibrant colours. It was all about capturing the essence of nature's beauty in our artwork and fostering the connection between the artist and the natural world.

The atmosphere at Wolf & Badger was buzzing with creative energy as we embraced the joy of painting and let our imaginations run wild! I'm really looking forward to hosting more workshops like this in the future.

edie rose floral installations

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