Jessica Slack

Sea Caves of Antiparos | Original Colour Study


Inspired by the mesmerising sea caves found along the shores of Antiparos island, Sea Caves of Antiparos invites you to delve into the mysterious depths of the underwater world. With its swirling blues and emerald tones, this piece evokes the sense of adventure and discovery when exploring underwater caverns, ancient rock formations and secret chambers. 

Crafted using a harmonious blend of acrylic inks, oil pastels, and charcoal, this abstract painting transports you to a realm where time stands still and the imagination runs wild. Hang Sea Caves of Antiparos in your space and let it inspire your sense of curiosity, reminding you of the hidden treasures waiting to be uncovered beneath the waves.

Dimensions: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)

Year: 2024

Medium: Acrylic, acrylic ink, oil pastel, pencil and charcoal on 350gsm Khadi Paper



Postcards From Greece 

This collection was inspired by recent adventures across the beautiful Cycladic islands, capturing the mesmerising blues, tranquil aquamarines and vibrant turquoises that paint the Greek landscape.

Using a medley of acrylic inks, oil pastels, charcoal, pencils and various brushes on 350gsm Khadi paper, these paintings capture the freedom of dancing barefoot in the sand, floating in the salty ocean, and the exhilarating feeling of exploring caves, secret beaches and coves across the beautiful islands of Greece and provide a small window to transport you to a meditative, peaceful and joyful place, whenever you need. 

Each painting in this collection provides an invitation to pause, breathe and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world.