Jessica Slack

Road To Nowhere: Original Abstract Painting


Road To Nowhere is a vibrant abstract painting created during the Sunset Challenge. Capturing the essence of vibrant spring sunsets, the sunlit horizon, glistening sand and the rhythmic dance of rolling waves. The title suggests a sense of mystery and contemplation, reflecting the experience of watching a sun setting over the ocean and leaving space for interpretation as the viewer traverses the vibrant hues and expressive strokes that characterise the piece. 

Dimensions: 90x90cm

Year: 2022

Medium: Acrylic, oil pastel, pencil and charcoal on canvas

Interior Styling Inspiration

This captivating artwork promises to inject a burst of bold colour into any space, be it a restful home or a professional office setting. The dynamic palette of Road to Nowhere makes it a versatile addition to a myriad of design styles, from contemporary to eclectic.

Imagine this painting taking centre stage in a living room, creating an atmosphere charged with the energy of a limitless horizon. Against a neutral background, the vibrant colours of the artwork emerge, evoking the spirit of a boundless journey.

For office spaces seeking a touch of creative inspiration, Road to Nowhere becomes a conversation starter. Its abstract nature and lively colours make it an ideal choice for environments that appreciate the fusion of artistry and dynamism.