Jessica Slack

Look Now, The Sky Is Gold: Fearless


Back in my teenage years, 'Fearless' became my own personal anthem of courage, bravery and youth and it was a true joy to paint this piece which took me right back to my year 9 days of performing these songs in my bedroom. 'Love Story' and 'The Best Day' influenced my use of bold, sweeping strokes and vibrant yellows and golds whilst 'The Best Day' provided a focal point of inspiration for this painting. The lyric 'look now, the sky is gold' inspired my use of warm, golden hues. This painting radiates a sense of joy, nostalgia, and familial love, capturing the essence of cherished memories and the fearless spirit of stepping into the unknown with an open heart.

Dimensions: A2

Year: 2024

Medium: Acrylic, acrylic ink, oil pastel, pencil and charcoal on 300gsm Watercolour Paper

Framed & Mounted for UK Customers (only mounted for international orders) 


Taylor Swift Inspired Abstract Art Collection

As a passionate artist and dedicated Swiftie, Taylor Swift's music has always been a source of inspiration for my artwork. Her storytelling, emotions, and the rich tapestry of her lyrics have guided my creative process in countless ways. With The Eras Tour coming to Liverpool, I embarked on a unique challenge: creating a painting every day for 11 days, each inspired by a different Taylor Swift album. This journey not only pushed my artistic boundaries but also deepened my connection to her music.