Jessica Slack

Iridescent Glimmer: Original Abstract Painting


Iridescent Glimmer is a contemporary expressionist painting that harmonises a soft palette of greens and pinks with the intricate addition of embroidery. The abstract piece explores the symbolism of flowers and our profound connection to the natural world, reflecting the distinctive style of the artist. Each stitch and stroke entices viewers to appreciate the delicate interplay between colour, form and the tactile elements of this evocative artwork. Iridescent Glimmer signifies resilience, renewal and finding the beauty in the everyday.

Dimensions: 150x120cm

Year: 2023

Medium: Acrylic, embroidery, oil pastel, pencil and charcoal on canvas

Interior Styling Inspiration


Iridescent Glimmer effortlessly adds vibrancy into any interior space, creating a colourful focal point against a minimal, clean and serene backdrop. The soft palette of greens and pinks, accentuated by intricate embroidery, complements a minimalist design style, creating a tranquil ambiance. This artwork particularly flourishes when placed near outdoor settings or amidst foliage, flowers, and plants, offering a truly serene and contemplative space.

If you want to make a bold statement and love eclectic interiors, Iridescent Glimmer can work especially well against a deep, forest green or bright pink backdrop.

Whether you want to make a striking statement in a minimal setting or add an extra layer of vibrancy to an eclectic space, Iridescent Glimmer promises to be a captivating addition to any home. Sparking curiosity and inviting exploration, this painting beckons you to delve into the depths of its subdued yet mesmerising composition, offering a unique and enriching visual experience.