Jessica Slack

Beneath The Sun: Original Abstract Painting


Beneath The Sun is a true celebration of nature's vibrant hues, featuring a kaleidoscope of pale pinks, sage greens, and rich lavenders. The artist's bold mark making and playful colour combinations infuse the painting with a contemporary vibrancy that promises to enliven any space it resides in. 

Painted as part of the Sense of Wonder collection, Beneath The Sun was inspired by meadows of flowers, flora, fauna, warm summer evenings and blossoming buds; A sea of colour from pale pinks, sage greens and rich lavenders and warm yellows. Using a variety of media including acrylic, oil pastels, pencil and charcoal, Jessica captures the feelings of joy and wonder that we experience when spending time in nature. 

Dimensions: 100x100cm

Year: 2021

Medium: Acrylic, oil pastel, pencil and charcoal on canvas

Interior Styling Inspiration

This lively painting effortlessly brings a pop of colour to any interior setting. Whether you envision it adorning a living space, bedroom, or study, "Beneath The Sun" radiates a sense of joy and wonder. The pale pinks and sage greens complement a variety of design styles, from the minimalist to the eclectic.

Imagine this masterpiece becoming the focal point in a room, infusing it with the spirit of a blossoming meadow. Against a neutral backdrop, the rich lavenders and playful colour combinations come to life, creating an atmosphere of warmth and vitality.

As part of the Sense of Wonder Collection, Beneath The Sun invites viewers to connect with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Whether you are drawn to the bold mark making or captivated by the playful colour palette, this painting serves as a captivating reminder of the wonders that exist beneath the sun. Embrace the joy of vibrant expression and let "Beneath The Sun" illuminate your living space with its enchanting radiance.