Jessica Slack

Beautiful Contradictions: Original Abstract Painting


Beautiful Contradictions is an invitation to pause, breathe and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world. Embrace the contradictions that make life beautiful, and let this artwork be a source of joy, inspiration, and calm in your everyday surroundings.

Beautiful Contradictions is an abstract floral painting inspired by the wonders of the natural world. In the midst of life's hustle or when a moment of tranquility is sought, this artwork serves as a window to a blossoming garden, an enchanted forest, or a leisurely stroll through a wildflower meadow. Feel the connection with nature, even from within the confines of your space.

Dimensions: 20x20cm

Year: 2023

Medium: Acrylic, oil pastel, pencil and charcoal on canvas 

Frame: Framed in a forest green float frame.