Commissions In Homes

Bespoke paintings and abstract commissions can transform interior spaces in homes by enhancing ambiance, injecting joy and adding a welcome splash of colour to living rooms, bedrooms and beyond.

View past residential commission projects below.

California Sunset

This vibrant abstract painting was commissioned by a client in California in need of a colourful and impactful work of art to inject some energy into their dining room.

The colours within the piece were inspired by vivid Californian sunsets and their reflections within crystal ocean waters and cleverly tie together the palette of the room.

It was a true joy to create this commission painting and I absolutely love how it looks in its forever home!

Signature Art Prize Commission

Inspired by original painting 'Finding Life's Joy' that won the Signature Art Prize Bethlehem Card Commission and was a finalist in the Director's Award, this commission piece creates a tranquil and calming ambiance whilst bursting with positvity and vibrancy.


Enchanted is a colourful pastel commission painting inspired by the beautiful hues, shapes and textures found in the enchanting Italian-inspired village of Portmeirion in North Wales.

In need of a large abstract piece to serve as a focal point for dinner parties and entertaining, the final outcomes ties together the room perfectly and I love the pop of colour in this elegant and refine space.


Inspired by an abstract floral piece originally created during the 50 day floral challenge, Fleur is small commission painting that truly packs a punch! Tying together the vibrant teal and orange hues within the snug, this piece is a welcome dose of joy, vibrancy and fun!

Featuring a vibrant orange lily, shapes of leaves and foliage are scattered between pink, olive green and navy brushstrokes for a truly unique piece with tons of texture.

Eternal Sunset

Inspired by sunsets and the blues, Eternal Sunset is a vibrant abstract piece bursting with joy, movement and energy. Serving as a beautiful focal point within a long living room, the painting elongates the space by drawing the eye and incorporates the colours of the interior to tie the space together in a sophisticated style.

Friendship Blossoms

Inspired by spring blossom and an original piece from the Sense of Wonder collection titled 'Enchanted Canopy', this commission piece is truly alive with spring energy and joy.

The palette ties together the elegant and sophisticated living room and injects vibrant colour into the space without feeling overwhelming.


Inspired by the French Riviera in the summer sun, lavender fields and sunlit reflections, this large abstract canvas is bursting with colour, movement and texture.

The piece ties together the room perfectly by incorporating key colours from the interior design while small details and shapes within the piece represent special memories of my client in an abstract way. Overall, the piece is impactful, bold and joyful!


Inspired by original painting 'Road To Nowhere', Hawaiin sunsets and ocean reflections, this vibrant abstract painting injects joy and energy into its forever home.

Stroll Along The Ocean

Inspired by gentle strolls along the ocean, this commission painting captures the essence of the ripples of the beautiful ocean whilst bringing together the existing interior design scheme featuring corals, teals and blush hues.

Commission Enquiries

Commission Enquiries

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