Sense Of Wonder | Solo Art Exhibition By Jessica Slack

Sense Of Wonder | Solo Art Exhibition By Jessica Slack

Oct 24, 2021Jessica Slack

In August 2021, I had the pleasure of hosting my second solo art exhibition; 'Sense of Wonder.' After navigating through a challenging period due to the pandemic, this event became a radiant celebration of positivity, and it truly filled me with joy!

The 'Sense of Wonder' collection drew its inspiration from my participation in the 50-day floral challenge earlier in the year. I aimed to immerse the audience in a world of wonder with new works inspired by meadows of flowers, flourishing flora, warm summer evenings, and blooming buds. The vibrant palette of pale pinks, sage greens, rich lavenders, and warm yellows painted a vivid picture of the wonders of nature.

abstract art exhibition aerial view

 For me, 'Sense of Wonder' encapsulates that feeling of walking through a sunlit meadow, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colourful wildflowers. It's that mesmerising sensation of encountering something fresh and beautiful, evoking childhood memories of exploring overgrown gardens and fields with boundless curiosity. 

“It's the feeling you get when walking through a meadow full of colourful wildflowers shining in the sunlight. It's the mesmerising feeling you get when experiencing something fresh and beautiful. Sense of Wonder evokes memories of childhood, of exploring overgrown gardens, fields, and meadows in the countryside with no cares in the world; Full of curiosity.”

viewer looking at abstract painting

To add an extra layer of excitement to the exhibition, I treated attendees to a live painting demonstration. The canvas became a dynamic stage where my creative process unfolded in real-time, offering a rare glimpse into my world. Engaging the audience with my artistic techniques, I translated inspiration from the meadows of flowers and warm summer evenings onto the canvas, culminating in the creation of 'Midnight Wonder.'

The atmosphere was electric, brimming with positive energy and surprises around every corner. As a token of appreciation, attendees were treated to special goody bags filled with art goodies.

jessica slack live painting at exhibition

During the event, attendees also had the opportunity to participate in a raffle to win a painting, with all proceeds going to support Claire House Children's Hospice, a charity very close to my heart.

One standout piece from the 'Sense of Wonder' collection was 'Beneath The Sun.' This artwork, created with a variety of media including acrylic, oil pastels, pencil, and charcoal, captured the emotions of joy and wonder experienced when immersed in nature. Inspired by meadows of flowers and warm summer evenings, the painting showcased a vibrant array of colors, truly embodying the collection's theme.

From the immersive collection inspired by the floral challenge to the captivating live painting demonstration, the event unfolded as a joyous testament to my artistic journey, and I eagerly anticipate the next chapter!

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