Liverpool Without Walls: Abstract Mural Commission

Liverpool Without Walls: Abstract Mural Commission

Feb 06, 2021Jessica Slack

I am so excited to share with you all a recent commission that holds a special place in my heart; A vibrant, hand-painted outdoor abstract mural created for Liverpool City Council as part of the 'Liverpool Without Walls' initiative.

In the wake of the challenges brought on by the pandemic, the 'Liverpool Without Walls' initiative aimed to inject positivity and joy back into our beloved city. It sought to welcome visitors with open arms, create a sense of vibrancy, and spark conversations that would uplift and inspire. I felt honoured by the opportunity to play a part in bringing joy to our community!

jessica slack abstract artist painting liverpool mural

Drawing inspiration from the resilience and spirit of Liverpool, I set out to create a piece that would serve as a beacon of hope and positivity. The result? A strikingly colourful abstract painting that now adorns a prominent location in the city centre, right next to John Lewis. This vibrant abstract mural welcomes visitors with open arms, inviting them to immerse themselves in its kaleidoscope of hues and shapes.

As an artist, I believe in the transformative power of colour to uplift and inspire. With each brushstroke, I sought to capture the essence of Liverpool; Its energy, its diversity and its unwavering spirit. The painting serves not only as a visual feast for the eyes but also as a reflection of the resilience and optimism that define our city.

colourful abstract mural painting in liverpool

I am immensely grateful to Liverpool City Council for entrusting me with this commission! It is my hope that this painting will serve as a source of joy and inspiration for all who encounter it, sparking conversations and fostering a sense of community and connection.

To all those who contributed to the 'Liverpool Without Walls' initiative, thank you for your vision, your dedication, and your belief in the power of art to heal and unite. Together, we have created something truly special - a testament to the strength and spirit of Liverpool.

abstract commission mural by jessica slack in liverpool

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